A Letter for Ricky and Jelsa

Hey Lovebirds,

It’s from a million miles away today that I write you this little letter, and I am especially homesick, knowing that I won’t be there when two of my very best friends in the world are getting married and I can’t be there to see it. I thought about sending a letter, but outgoing mail here can be unreliable; furthermore, it’s deathly slow, and frankly we know Ricky likes the spotlight anyway; thus, here we are in a blog post…



You are one of my very best friends in the world. I’d say that it seems like just yesterday that we met, but that would be doing you a disservice, I feel like I’ve known you my entire life. It wasn’t long after you showed up in North Dakota that we met and a deep friendship began. I always found it easy to get along with you, and to this day, we still laugh at the same jokes, tell the same stories, and reminisce about this friendship that absolutely changed my life. We traveled a lot of miles together, been down a lot of roads, and in our years of friendship have managed to always pick up right where we left off, no matter the distance or how much life has changed. You have always been there for me, and it breaks my heart that for the time I want to be there for you most, I can’t.

I am so very happy for you, and I hope that every detail that I know you have meticulously planned comes to fruition in a manner deserving of such wonderful people as you and Jelsa. Know that you have all my prayers, my love, and my good wishes as you walk down the aisle; and that I would move Heaven and Earth if it meant I could be there for you two.

From now until the end of time, the best of brothers we will be, I love you Ricky, congratulations on your wedding day.

Oh I’m a lucky man,
To count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one
Yeah others they got none…

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe 


I don’t tell you this nearly enough, but you have been a blessing in all of our lives since the day you entered them. I knew we would get along famously since the day we met, and I’ll be dammed if that wasn’t one of the few things I’ve gotten right in this life. You are a voracious giver, sweet, caring, patient and kind. I don’t need to tell Ricky, because he already knows, but he doesn’t deserve you, in fact, I can think of few men that could. You have been a part of the Kappa Sigma family since it began, and you have brought so much light and love into all of our lives. I hope every ounce of that is given back to you ten-fold on your wedding day. You will be a beautiful bride. Thank you for every laugh, every mile, every cupcake, and every single memory we have all had together along the way. I haven’t deserved them, but I’ve cherished every single one.

From now until the end of time, you will have my love and friendship, and I wish you the happiest wedding day possible. I can’t wait to introduce myself to Mrs. Pallay, and from my temporary home out here, I propose a toast:

“To Mr. and Mrs. Pallay, may God continue to bless you and keep you. Here’s to years of memories and blessings to come, and a long fruitful marriage, temperate, loving, and patient.”

Congratulations Love Birds, and until we meet again,

All my love,

Cody Nathaniel


Conteh phases into retirement

I had the fortune to grow close with this man over the course of several years, multiple classes, many casual office visits, undergraduate research, and of course, “The Virtue of Patience”. He will be dearly missed by myself and many others. Thank you for years of service fellow, may your apples grow plentiful.

MSUM Advocate

by Onize Ohikere

As Andrew Conteh lectures his students with hands in the air and a passion evident in his voice, it’s easy to tell he isn’t your average professor.
“He gets everybody involved in the classroom,” said freshman Rahel Negassiberhane. “He always does that, and it’s kind of hard not to come to the classroom without knowing anything.”
Originally from Sierra Leone, Conteh has been a professor in MSUM’s political science department for a while. He’s currently on his 13th year.
But this one is different, as it ends his journey here at MSUM as he starts to make his retirement plans.
“It’s going to be hard,” Negassiberhane said.
Aware of the impact his immediate departure could have on his students, Conteh decided to ease the transition for them.
“I decided to be on phased retirement primarily because I do not want to put my students in a…

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Are you there MSUM? It’s me, Chandler.

A very good post on recent events at MSUM from one of our own students. Very good work Chandler.

Matriarch of the Midwest



Change is brewing on Minnesota State University Moorhead’s campus. The imminent renovation of the Comstock Memorial Union is a great chance to give MSUM a much-needed update, and will also attempt to provide the student body with increased support, space, and opportunity on campus. Proposed concurrently with the CMU renovations is the creation of a “mosaic center”, a center that would serve as a combined community space for all safe spaces on campus. This center for the diverse student population would consolidate the Women’s Center and Rainbow Dragon Center (our LGBTQIA+ space) on campus as well as integrate the international student population. The center would also house director’s offices for such entities like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Women’s Center, the Rainbow Dragon Center and other diversity offices on campus. On paper, providing a community space for the diverse student population sounds like a great idea, and in…

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The Rocking Chair

With creaky arms, it sits right there.

My peace, my calm, my rocking chair.

My place of distance, unaware,

It’s where i do my thinking, there.

My memories, my silent prayers,

My nights spent in my rocking chair.

And like smoke upon the midnight air,

My mind is free, my dreams are fair,

While yesterdays may meet me there,

They’re kinder in my rocking chair.