MSUM entered to win $100,000 security grant

MSUM Advocate

By Kristin Miller

A recent campaign may lead to MSUM receiving a $100,000 grant, which would be used to enhance campus security.

The contest is being hosted by STANLEY Security and utilizes votes cast through their website, Twitter and text message. The two schools that tally up the most votes will be  recipients of the funds. MSUM’s marketing department, Public Safety and Student Senate are working hard to get students to show their support.

“More money always seems to help,”  Shane Kelly, customer service specialist senior at Public Safety, said. He added the grant could be used in a variety of ways including upgrading current security systems, cameras and access to campus buildings.

After hearing about the contest through Jan Mahoney, Vice President for Finance and Administration at MSUM, Public Safety partnered with the Student Senate to mobilize students to cast the necessary votes.

Schools have been…

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Gov. interferes with chancellor debacle: what this means for Charting the Future

I do smile sometimes….

MSUM Advocate

By Josie Gereszek

A budget threat from Gov. Mark Dayton has MnSCU faculty and administration saying they are confident they will resolve their differences.

The governor’s statement was made Tuesday, ensuring no new funding for MnSCU until faculty and administration have resolved their dispute over Chancellor Steven Rosenstone’s controversial proposal, Charting the Future.

The action follows an ongoing conflict, which was highlighted in October, when both the college and university faculty unions pulled out of the initiative, calling it a blanket approach to education and citing a lack of transparency in the system. The chancellor later invited the faculty to mediation, which was rejected the day of its proposal.

The system and unions jointly released the following statement Tuesday:

“We take the governor’s decision not to recommend new funding for [MnSCU] at this time very seriously, and we appreciate the governor’s commitment to supporting MnSCU and its vital mission…

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