Conteh phases into retirement

I had the fortune to grow close with this man over the course of several years, multiple classes, many casual office visits, undergraduate research, and of course, “The Virtue of Patience”. He will be dearly missed by myself and many others. Thank you for years of service fellow, may your apples grow plentiful.

MSUM Advocate

by Onize Ohikere

As Andrew Conteh lectures his students with hands in the air and a passion evident in his voice, it’s easy to tell he isn’t your average professor.
“He gets everybody involved in the classroom,” said freshman Rahel Negassiberhane. “He always does that, and it’s kind of hard not to come to the classroom without knowing anything.”
Originally from Sierra Leone, Conteh has been a professor in MSUM’s political science department for a while. He’s currently on his 13th year.
But this one is different, as it ends his journey here at MSUM as he starts to make his retirement plans.
“It’s going to be hard,” Negassiberhane said.
Aware of the impact his immediate departure could have on his students, Conteh decided to ease the transition for them.
“I decided to be on phased retirement primarily because I do not want to put my students in a…

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